Future Proof Your Hotel for a Climate-Compliant Business Travel Sector


Date: Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

Time: 17:00-18:00 CET / 16:00-17:00 UK /
                11:00-12:00 EST / 8:00-9:00 PST

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Climate-related commitments are a crucial business priority in today’s changing world, and the hospitality sector is no exception. As more and more corporate clients are requiring climate-compatible performance data, the HRS Green Stay Initiative (GSI) has been developed to address this demand, and to enable procurement and booking decisions based on credible sustainability metrics

Environmental performance and climate action will be at the core of the future of business travel. Sustainability metrics have never been more important for hotels, but navigating various standards and requirements - from ESG frameworks to Net Zero commitments - can be a daunting task. Join our 1-hour webinar to learn about existing resources such as the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance methodologies and tools, and how GSI can help streamline your measurement and reporting steps. This open and free webinar is hosted by HRS, in partnership with TrainingAid, as part of an ongoing educational program supporting Green Stay.

Tatila Downing, Vice President Pay & Stay US, HRS 

Tatila Downing is vice president of HRS’ North America PAY & STAY business units. She leads a growing team of technology, travel and payment experts as HRS works with a broad range of Fortune 500 companies on their lodging procurement, payment and employee/recruit travel operations. Tatila joined HRS in early 2022 after a distinguished 15 years in the finance industry, highlighted by executive roles at JPMorgan Chase and U.S. Bank. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Northeastern University. Tatila resides in San Francisco, CA. 

Jeremy Sampson, CEO, The Travel Foundation

Jeremy is a globally recognized leader and coalition builder, advocating for systems change that improves the impact of the travel and tourism sector on communities and the environment. Through a variety of roles in industry, academia, and civil society, he has helped to build industry and government capacities to adopt new measures of success, accelerate their response to the climate crisis, develop and promote more inclusive visitor economies, and integrate sustainability across the value chain.

Ayako Ezaki, Director of Training Strategy and Development, TrainingAid   

Ayako Ezaki is Co-Founder and Director of Training Strategies & Development at TrainingAid, an international tourism and training company offering training and skills development opportunities for tourism industry professionals. Having worked for more than a decade in tourism professional training and education, Ayako specializes in content building, educational program design, training facilitation and project planning. She also brings many years of experience in online communications and content marketing.

Claire Whitely, Head of Environment, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Claire oversees the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s environmental sustainability strategy, including their work on climate action, water stewardship and responsible resourcing. She led the development of the Alliance’s Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality and drives collaborative action to enable the whole hospitality industry to have a lasting positive impact on our planet. Claire previously spent nearly a decade at Hilton leading their water stewardship efforts and creating global behaviour change campaigns, as well as leading initiatives focused on issues such as single-use plastic reduction and responsible sourcing. 


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